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    The “M” – litter was born on 19th of August, but all of the puppies have new owner already! So, we accept orders for Kulcsi Komisz Ogúr – Kulcsi Komisz Ángyom (“N”) litter only! The puppies will be born in October.

    Our webcam shows the “M” – litters’ everyday life. The mother (Sinka) and the babies are healthy, the little ones are growing quickly!

    Csaba Partizer: “- We became famous!” :-)

    Boglya and me are in The Dog, a bi-monthly, Hungarian, big-selling, popular magazine’s pages!

    A long article and some picture presents him and the Kulcsi Komisz Komondor Kennel.

    Our Boglya komondor is a very effective (HJCH, HCH and HSCH, i.e. Hungária Junior Champion, Hungária Champion, and Hungária Show Champion) multiple winner “alpha male”, he was the BIS-winner (Best in Show) at the Dog Show in Salföld, in June.

    We and his breeders – László and Lászlóné Besenyei – are so proud of him!!!

    He’s  the father of the “K” – litter of the Kulcsi Komisz Komondor Kennel (including Kulcsi Komisz Kobold, who is the puppy for sale)!


    Kobold, our dearest komondor puppy

    Kulcsi Komisz Kobold is the smallest member of the “K” -litter. Why he’s the smallest? When he was born, he was healthy and nice. After a few weeks he got sick: couldn’t eat, just laid. And the vet was helpless…

    But Ági – my wife – believed in the teeny komondor, and carefully fed him! Kobold strengthened soon, and now he can play with his brothers! You can see him on our webcam – he received a collar, to distinguish him easier. :-)

    Kobold (his father is HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya) is 7 weeks old already and we are looking for a loving, attentive owner or family for him. He has grown to our hearts and we’d like the best possible life for this puppy…    ~ Csaba Partizer, komondor dog breeder ~


    Ági, the HumanMommy with Kobold

    komondor_kiskutya_kobold2 komondor_kiskutya_kobold3 komondor_kiskutya_kobold4 komondor_kiskutya_kobold5

    We are so happy and very proud of Harag (the father our prospective “M” – litter), because he won this title in a competition between males and females in Tata (Hungary), on 9 of July. There were 32 Komondors (in total), and it was a high quality Dog Show with Dr. Jakkel TamásWe learned a lot from him! He’s a very experienced, international, sheperd dog breed judge!

    10 Kulcsi Komisz Komondor got a title or a “breedable” qualification! It was a beautiful day in a beautiful area next to the Öreg-tó (Old-lake). We picknicked and talked a lot with our friends, the other Komondor breeders.

    Congratulations to all participants, again!!!

    komondor_fesztival_1 komondor_fesztival_2 komondor_fesztival_3 komondor_fesztival_4 komondor_fesztival_5 komondor_fesztival_6 komondor_fesztival_7komondor_fesztival_tata2

    Once again we have great news for our soon-to-be komondor owners: we’ve paired Sinka and Harag!

    Sinka is the first Working Trial holder Komondor of Hungary!!!

    Harag is a young male, when we were “designing” him, we wanted a komondor who is beautiful, strong and healthy at the same time. His hip is HD-B quality, we think he’s very beautiful, but the most important part: he’s also very kind to his owners!



    We’re only taking orders for this litter (“M” – litter)! We’re expecting them to be born at the end of August!

    You can order at: komondor@kulcsikomisz.hu, Csaba Partizer

    Kulcsi Komisz Harag

    Kulcsi Komisz Harag

    The Boglya-Norma puppies are already 3 weeks old; you can see their everyday lives on our webcam!

    Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya has proved himself once again!

    I thought I’d give this title to this post, which is about yesterday’s HKK (Hungarian Komondor Club) Dog Show in Salföld, because why couldn’t I? Boglya (the father of our 3 weeks old “K” – litter) earned the CAC-title and he also became KFGY-BOB  (Best of Breed)!

    Dog Show in Salföld with 37 komondors!

    Dog Show in Salföld with 37 komondors!

    (Boglya and me are on the left side of this photo.)

    Last weekend (June 3-5.) was the Budapest Grand Prix Dog Show, where we also competed with Boglya, and after the 3-day event we were really tired…

    We’ve had more HFGY titles before, but we haven’t won a race like this before. The best of luck to all of our competitors! A big “Thank you” to Hevesi Portámkincse Komondor Kennel for Boglya, Vajányi Éva, Besenyeiné Kati and our other friends for their support!!!                                Csaba Partizer

    Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya has earned HJCH (Hungária Junior Champion), HCH (Hungária Champion) and HSCH (Hungária Show Champion) titles!

    As you can see on the webcam, our Kulcsi Komisz Norma komondor mother is taking care of her puppies very well. The puppies are beautiful, strong, and they are growing very quickly! Their eyes will open soon! We’ve taken some photos of the 10 days old puppies, whose father, Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya has won the following titles at the Budapest Grand Prix international dog show: 3 x CAC, BOB (Best of Breed), CACIB, 2 x Res.CACIB!

    HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya

    HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya

    Our 10 days old Komondor puppies (“K” – litter):

    komondor_kolykok_10_1 komondor_kolykok_10_2 komondor_kolykok_10_3 komondor_kolykok_10_4 komondor_kolykok_10_5 komondor_kolykok_10_6More info and reservation (order) at: komondor@kulcsikomisz.hu, Csaba Partizer

    4 members of the Kulcsi Komisz Komondor Kennel won at the Budapest Grand Prix international dog show!

    At the first week of June we were in Budapest, at the 3-day Budapest Grand Prix international dog show. Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya performed great there. Our Kennel was represented by 3 other komondors: Kulcsi Komisz Uriel, who also did well, and earned 2 x CAC title! Kulcsi Komisz Vanília also made us proud with her new Res.CAC title! Mundzuk Ebe Barka got the EXC.2 qualification in the Junior Class.

    Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya’s (our current “K”-litter’s father) achievements: 3 x CAC, BOB (Best of Breed), CACIB, 2 x Res.CACIB! Boglya’s new name is: HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya! :-)

    HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya

    HJCH, HCH, HSCH Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya


    Kulcsi Komisz Uriel

    Kulcsi Komisz Uriel (male), 2 x CAC


    Kulcsi Komisz Vanília

    Kulcsi Komisz Vanília (female), Res.CAC

    9 Hungarian Komondor puppies were born on 27th of May, 5 of them are girls and 4 of them are boys!

    Their father is HJCH (Hungária Junior Champion) Hevesi Portámkincse Boglya (3 years old) and their mother is Kulcsi Komisz Norma (3 years old). Her first cubbing was protracted, but everybody is OK! :-) The Mom and the babies are vigorous and healthy. Our most important task is to maintain hygiene because of the bacteria and the summer heat.


    The puppies are members of the “K” litter, therefore their “nickname” will start with that letter. The soon-to-be owners can give them names, because this is an old Kulcsi Komisz tradition.

    The babies are waiting for their new, loving owners! Please, send an e-mail for details to komondor@kulcsikomisz.hu (Csaba Partizer)


    If you like it, you can share on Facebook, because these beauties can put anyone in a good mood! Thanks!

    The Kulcsi Komisz Komondor Kennel is expecting a new litter at the end of May – the beginning of June! The countdown begins!

    We’re very excited and we can’t wait for Norma’s first cubbing! We hope everything will be in order and the Kulcsi Komisz family will grow bigger! Our webcam is already online 22 hours a day, currently in test mode. The exact date of the birth is still unknown even for us, because it is affected by many factors, just like at humans. We’re prepared, and if you want to, you can join us and watch this exciting event!

    We’re taking reservations for Hungarian komondor puppies once again! More info at: komondor@kulcsikomisz.hu, Csaba Partizer

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